The Joint Dynamics Gym Philosophy

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly”
– Buckminster Fuller

There are 9 key pillars that underpin everything that we believe in, strive for and teach by at Joint Dynamics

1. Technical Expertise : 3D biomechanics, intelligent movement, functional movement science, the merger of training and conditioning with skill acquisition, movement competency, creativity and aesthetics – leading to meeting clients where they need to be met.Where form and function are constantly placed in an environment of progressive adaptation and optimal variability to meet and constantly evolve beyond the challenges we encounter day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Whether that be your sport or hobby, parenthood, the cost of a sedentary work environment, the demands that a desire to become an enhanced version of yourself ask of you to achieve such a goal

2. Approach to Coaching : Within the Joint Dynamics systematic approach to coaching vitality, adaptability and resiliency, we address each client with an approach of progressive overload of speed and load, of three dimensional mobility, balance and agility plus movement skills that build athleticism, power and creativity. We present movement algorithms to be solved, to train improvisation along with other required physical capabilities. Each as important as the other – as life, injuries, high levels of personal and team performance rarely occur within a structured conscious environment.
Our trainers work closely with our clinicians and therapists to educate and empower clients to ward off possible injury and overcome pain from movement to move towards their physical potential, a more energetic appearance within a body that knows how to work when work is required and rest when all important rest calls us each day.

3. Remaining Injury Free: Injuries occur when forces going through the body exceed tissue tolerance and the ability of the nervous system to respond with athleticism, efficiency and creativity. The ability to improvise and react in all planes is also a skill to be developed and far too often the missing link with authentic confidence to place your body in any environment with the belief that I can handle just about anything this situation delivers me. You build excitement to face challenges not fear, apprehension and hesitation. Life is unscripted which forces us to evolve conventional training and conditioning protocols to add the final piece of the performance and injury prevention puzzle – creativity.

4. Puzzles play a part: At Joint Dynamics we regularly present our clients with movement algorithms, progressive puzzles to be solved likened to an exercise Rubix cube to challenge individuals to adapt in skill and complexity to solve the instant demands of the dynamic environments we all place ourselves in.

5. Client / Trainer Relationships are key: Clients engage with trainers, coaches, therapists and physios to help and support and challenge them to get better at what they currently do, want to do and also fundamentally need to do (primal movement patterns, 3D at all joints (66 movement options from 3D maps)), expand our capabilities and to reduce the likelihood and recover from injury.

6. Response to Everyday Life: Life will deliver occasional structured movement challenges but this is a small percentage of the myriad of unstructured, unscripted, unconscious challenges that instantaneously meet us in sport, parenthood, and play each day. At Joint Dynamics our everyday and elite athletes are trained to respond to these events with ever expanding ease. Our ultimate goal and this type of training coupled with consistency will make the impossible possible, the possible comfortable, and the comfortable elegant, effortless and athletic.

7. Safe Emergencies: In the controlled environment that is our gym, we create many “safe emergencies” to train the response of creative, injury resilient, athletic bodies, for improved improvised responses to movement challenges and puzzles. We present algorithms to be solved and mastered which then progresses clients for the next challenge to be met that lies just beyond the current dynamic capacity. Each challenge develops the knowledge and confidence that with consistent training and application all of life’s physical demands decrease in complexity and increase in pleasure.

8: Movement Poetry: Build in our athletes and clients (all clients are athletes) movement masters that consistently produce movement poetry. Lyrical, rhythmical, elegant orchestration of movement that starts in structured foundational movements, that progresses to taking that movement and expanding upon it in a 3 dimensional structured way then finally in an encouraging and controlled environment present the athlete with options for unstructured reactivity to challenges. A challenging environment for improvised responses to movement challenges, puzzles & algorithms. Creating safe emergencies via games and interactions that meets the client at, or just beyond, their individual threshold of success in a totally unstructured, unconscious, playful way.

9. Movement is a craft: Just as learning a musical instrument is, just as a sculptor or painter hones their craft at Joint dynamics we build movement artists capable of meeting scripted and unscripted life demands with strength and power when strength and/or power is appropriate, with flexibility when flexibility is required & endurance to a degree conducive to long term health, or as a requirement for an athlete to engage in their passion. Together with our clients and clinicians we form a team to build creative injury resilient, high performance movement maestros. Embedded with authentic confidence that feeds excitement to face challenges not
with fear, apprehension and hesitation but with a trained response that says “I can do this”. To be able to place their body in any environment with the belief that “I can handle just about anything this situation delivers me”.

10. Enjoyment and Satisfaction is everything.

See you in the Gym – Andrew.