The Olympic Lifting Craze

Olympic lifting is an ancient technique for modern day problems, teaching you to use your muscle fibres more efficiently and rapidly, resulting in your body positively responding to your workout long after the sweat has dried.

Olympic weightlifting is one of the truest examples of ballistic (explosive) strength, when performed correctly they are the perfect example of dynamic and explosive strength while showing great ranges of flexibility and mobility.

Modern Olympic lifts consist of the ‘Clean and Jerk’ and the ‘Snatch’ but early Olympic games included the ‘Clean and Press’ and even one arm lifting events. Variations of these movements such as the ‘Hang’ and ‘Power’ ‘Clean’ or ‘Snatch’ are widely used in many sports training programmes and are gaining popularity in many gym environments. Great tools for preparing athletes, especially those that need explosive movements in their games or experienced lifters looking for the technical and explosive strength that these lifts require. Ask one of the team if you’re interested in including Olympic Lifting techniques in your work out.