Why Hit the Gym with a Personal Trainer

There’s always an excuse not to see your personal trainer… A T3 has just been called, it’s raining outside, it’s 35 degrees and 100% humidity, blah blah blah! Here’s our top reasons why you should hit the gym with your trainer and not train outdoors…

1. The Unpredictable Weather: Train indoors with a professional and you are off on the right track. Someone waiting for you to turn up to motivate you away from the glass of Sauvignon Blanc and into your trainers, and no excuses if heavens open, sun’s to extreme or humidity is unbearable…

2. You have an injury or physical condition: “Consult an Expert” is excellent advice for anything to do with your physical condition. An experienced Personal Trainer will have advice for how to exercise effectively and safely.

3. You are training for a specific sport or event: If you have your first 5km fun run in mind, if you’re training for the MacLeHose or if you are getting ready for the coming season of rugby, hockey or cricket why not get the most out of your pre-season training. An experienced personal trainer will write a program for you targeting your goals and motivate you to achieve them.

4. You’re bored with the same old workouts: Quality personal trainers will write a program for you that provides a challenge, but keeps you interested. Mix strength and conditioning, with high intensity workouts, perhaps kickboxing with body weight exercises and gymnastics. Look for a trainer with a varied background to mix things up.

5. You need motivation: Ever find yourself at the gym for a 60-minute session, but strangely find yourself in the change rooms after 30 minutes? Or perhaps you didn’t quiet get to that last set, didn’t push out those last reps? Our time is precious; make yours count with a trainer that motivates you to achieve the very best out of your workout.