Cross Fit and the Pelvic Floor

Sit back for our Q&A with Jenny & Suzie…..

I avoid drinking before a workout to reduce risk of leaking with a heavy lift – is that ok?

Needing to limit fluid intake before training is a sign that you feel apprehensive about leaking during the work out. The risks linked to training in a dehydrated state out-weigh the potential perceived benefits to this. It is likely that you have reduced pelvic floor muscle strength (under active pelvic floor) which has strain on it with lifting or breath holding activities. A focused assessment and strengthening program can help you reduce this problem – and even improve your lifting!!


Since I have been training harder I have noticed some discomfort during Intercourse. I just ignore it as it isn’t a big problem, should I address this?

Yes. Discomfort during intercourse can be due to a number of things and most of these are fully treatable with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. The muscles can be too active and therefore tight and there are many ways to manage this. Sometimes doing Pelvic Floor exercises wrongly or too often can contribute. Don’t be embarrassed, no question is off limits!


Is it ok to Pee when I PB??

In a word – No. This is often accepted when a PB lift is achieved, however leaking can be a sign of mis-timing in the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen, back and diaphragm. For example, you can have an overactive Pelvic floor which is weak, or an Overactive Pelvic floor which is very strong but also a very strong glottis leading to increased Intra-abdominal pressure and subsequent leaking. This can be rectified with correcting the timing elements with specific training.


I don’t have any issues with laughing, coughing or sneezing so I know my Pelvic Floor is strong. I sometimes leak a little when I lift or skip – that’s normal right?

Wrong. Whilst it is great news that you have no pelvic floor issues in day to day life, this highlights that the demands of your training exceed the control of your Pelvic floor. Just like any other muscle – this can be trained, get stronger, faster and more powerful to support you with all elements of your Cross-fit work out. Don’t ignore this key muscle ladies! Come and speak to us for an assessment and advise on how to incorporate this into your training!


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