Hamish Dickie

Special Interests:

Increasing athletic performance – Hamish loves sport. Any sport. Whether you are a weekend warrior or elite athlete, Hamish can facilitate an increase in your athletic potential or get you back to what you love doing if injury has curtailed your training or performance.

Loved by / Clients / Visited

Anyone wanting to be better at what they do.
Hamish has worked with a wide ranging number of athletes in numerous disciplines. Working in a ski resort, Hamish has become very proficient in assessment and treatment of knees! As a certified Level One Crossfit Coach, Hamish has a special interest in managing crossfit athletes particularly as the sport becomes more popular in Hong Kong. Hamish developed a youth sport academy back in his home town of Queenstown, New Zealand hence has a passion for facilitating youth athletes to fulfil their potential as well.


Understanding the movement / biomechanic specifics of what a patient wants to be doing is a key to Hamish’s treatment. From here Hamish will assess how you currently move and attempt to equate the two via increasing mobility and promoting stability. Hamish uses fundamental principles of manual therapy combined with adjuncts such as dry needling, exercise prescription and most importantly education.

Training and Background:

Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Otago, New Zealand

Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy), Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Dry Needling Plus Level One and Two

Head of Medical New Zealand Baseball

2014 New Zealand Open Golf Physiotherapist

Team Physiotherapist for the New Zealand Junior Alpine team and numerous international snow sport athletes

Currently studying towards NZMPA Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT)

Director of the Wakatipu Sports Academy

Favourite Pastimes:

Getting together with a close group of mates and chasing a ball around. Having lived in a ski resort town the last 3 years Hamish is looking forward to spending some time on the slopes in Japan again this winter.