Ruth Andrews


Lower limbs (especially knees) and the spine

Clients / Loved By / Visit It:

Athletes from a variety of sports, commonly cross-fitters and rugby players and your everyday Joe!

Treatment Philosophy:

Injuries are not black and white, there is no single treatment which can be used for each patient.  Patients are individuals and will respond differently to each technique and rehabilitation approach.  Ruth is a great believer in manual therapy and the use of combined methods of soft tissue techniques, exercise rehabilitation and sports specific training to bring patients back to full function and pain free movement.

Training and Background:

Diploma of (HE) Sports and Exercise Science (Sports Injuries), Edinburgh Napier University
BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Bristol University of the West of England
Experience with National II SW Rugby (Dings Crusaders) & Bristol City FC Academy

Ruth’s treatment belief:

Educating a patient about their injury will improve treatment results.  Being unsure of the reason for their pain causes stress, understanding of the physiological reasons for the pain instills confidence.  A therapist is there to treat, motivate and comfort throughout the journey.

Career Highlight:

Becoming a partnered lead Sports Therapist for the 1XV team at the Dings Crusaders RFC!

About Ruth:

Hong Kong born and bred, raised on Lantau Island. An outdoor/nature lover who feels most at home hiking up mountains with her pooch on the weekends.

Pet Peev:

Socks & Sandals…..don’t do it people!

Can often be heard:

Laughing…. Loud