Adam Reeson

Special Interest:

Sporting legs and shoulders, post operative rehabilitation

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Professional and amateur athletes, Post Surgery Clients & mature clients

Physio Philosophy:

Active rehabilitation works for every condition and a client’s understanding of their condition and subsequent motivation and empowerment is key to successful rehabilitation.  After all, would you do something if you didn’t know why you are meant to do it?

Adam believes that his job is to investigate the cause of the problem then, as all Joint Dynamics physios do, take a scientific evidence based approach to address symptoms and ultimately rehabilitate using structured exercise and manual therapy.  Unlike other physios, there will be no strapping you to a machine here!  He guides patients towards specific functional goals, whether it’s setting a personal best in a 100km ultra trail running race, scoring the winning goal or simply continuing to manage daily chores.

Training and Background:

BSc Physiotherapy – University of Southampton
BSc Sports Science – University of Liverpool

NHS Central London, UK
Private Clinic in Mayfair, London, UK
Fulham Football Club, London, UK

Physio Belief:

People should be more active and less anxious regarding their pain. All conditions can be fixed or managed and avoiding activity, especially activities that you love, won’t help.  Understanding why you have the dysfunction you do and mastering the techniques to manage it will reduce anxiety and allow you to continue to lead the life you deserve.

Oldest Patient:

A fabulously British woman of 106 years old.  After suffering knee pain for the longest time, she decided to stop grinning and bearing it and came in for physiotherapy. A combination of advice and education on her condition, structured exercise, manual therapy, following her physio homework (and a dash of Adam Reeson magic) had the problem solved in no time!

Last App downloaded:

Ubersense Motion Analysis App

Pet Peeve:

Not apologising for being late (Adam claims this is not a dig at his girlfriend!!)