Alex Hose

Special Interest:

Strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, Olympic lifting

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Goal driven clients

Training Philosophy:

Give it your all today, you will be a product of your efforts and the decisions that you make now.  Define your goals, partner with your trainer, commit and you will achieve.

Training and Background:

Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute (FAFS) GIFT fellow)
Certificate of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute (CAFS))

Alex’s Specialities:

Kettlebells, power lifting, rehabilitation, mobility

Alex has become an integral part of the Joint Dynamics rehabilitation team.  With the award of this Fellowship from the Gray Institute in the United States, he bridges the gap from therapy and treatment to training and a return to strength, mobility and movement.

With such a wide range of experience to draw from (boxing, lifting, movement) Alex keeps his training sessions interesting for clients with a mixture of activities.  Always striving for a goal but not in the stale and boring “do 10 then do them again” tradition.  Move better, loose weight, gain strength, relieve stress, play harder… Alex helps his clients set the bar high and then achieve that goal.

Alex in 3 words :

Dry, motivating, learned

Guilty secret:

Marmite belongs on everything

Biggest achievement:

One gorgeous little daughter and first HK kettle bell lifter to achieve rank of CMS

Celebrity Secret:

Worked closely with Steve Cotter (A guru of the Kettlebell phenomena)

Pet Peev:

Going through the motions…… give it everything you’ve got!