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Our Exercise Physiologist

Geoffrey Bland


Special Interest:

Injury prevention, performance testing & analysis, post-operative rehabilitation, geriatric training and chronic disease management

Clients / Loved By / Visited by:

Ultra marathon runners, elite athletes, older adults


For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way.

About You:

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Geoff has been heavily involved in sports from a young age. Starting football at 8 years old to representing Hong Kong Rugby at National Level during U14-20’s, Geoff’s keen interest lies within his strong love for exercise and having the opportunity to help enrich the lives of others through exercise.


Consistency is key.

Training and Background:

Geoff completed his BSc Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University in Melbourne and MSc Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney. Skilled in profiling physical components of athletes (V02max, lactate threshold or quantifying power) Geoff also provides clinical tests giving you indications on your metabolic markers for cardiovascular disease risk.

Previously working at a geriatric clinic specialising in chronic disease management and falls prevention, Geoff also has the clinical knowledge to manage or prevent chronic diseases and get clients back to a level they were once at.

Travel Experience:

Every continent but Africa!

You in 3 words :

Approachable, good vibes, cheerful

Something strange:

Geoff has a crook right 4th finger!

Biggest Sporting achievement:

Personal best of 11.34s 100m sprint

 Career High:

Helping a 93-year-old lady reach her goal to walk around the block after a fractured pelvis. / Decreasing client’s 1km run time by 60 seconds.

Family fact:

Even though our last name is Bland, we aren’t that boring!

Favorite Movie:

No Country for Old Men

 Favorite Band:

Red Hot Chili Peppers

 Latest App download:

PhysiApp – for rehabilitation!

 Pet Peev:

People not setting cutlery proper after finishing a meal

 Can Often be heard saying:

Let’s gooooo!

Jeremy Kim

An easy-going person, love a good chat about anything sports related, especially basketball. Passionate about the sport and love to talk about NBA trivia! Fun fact – I’ve named one of my cats Kobe!

Flora Koekkoek

I’ve always been passionate in sports and movement. I love to work in a sportive environment! I love to go to work in the most relaxed outfit there is! But most of all, I love to help and motivate people who have made the step to work on their body (in any way). It is my goal to help you achieving your goals in a responsible, safe way.

Foot Health Matters

Just like our hands, our feet are capable of great dexterity and have enormous potential when it comes to adding to the overall capability of our bodies.

Find out how this can help you optimise your movement, and decrease the likelihood of future injuries.

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Bodyweight vs Bodybuilding

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Ryan Campbell

Ryan has over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer. He uses it to extract the most out of every session to ensure you are achieving results, staying motivated and kept accountable with food and lifestyle choices.

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