FIRST STEP – beginners running program

1 x Gait Analysis        $1400
1 x 3D Maps Movement Assessment          $1400
4 x 1hr Run Coaching Sessions       $3800

Total Value: $6,600

PRICE: $4950.00

25% Discount!

Come talk to the experts to ensure that your road (or trail) doesn’t trip you up with injury..

Movement assessment and Gait Analysis to ensure that your running and movement pattern will not cause you an injury as you take up your knew sport. Sessions with our qualified running coach will keep you motivated as you begin your journey.

Terms & Conditions
1. Joint Dynamics reserve the right to choose the therapist to conduct the service
2.Package is non-refundable and non-transferable for other services
3.Joint Dynamics reserves the right to ask for a medical certificate prior to treatment or training
4.Expiry of the package is July 2016