Ben Lincoln – Movement Teacher

Special Interest:

Ben is fascinated by our ability to change our movement capabilities, and in many ways make our bodies younger by doing creative and innovative training.

“People often think that losing our movement is a natural occurrence as we progress through life, but many of the changes that occur in our bodies are really a result of not moving, and nothing to do with getting older!”

Ben strives to help people understand their own bodies and environments better, in order to prepare for new challenges and build on current levels of Strength and Movement.

“A major and often overlooked area is the ability of the body to rejuvenate itself though movement.”

What creates success in your eyes?

“Creating energy within by connecting with ourselves, other people, and our natural environment.  Movement is a great canvas for all of these!”



Training and Background:

A wide range of qualifications ranging from Functional Training, Olympic lifting, Neurokinetic Therapy, Functional Therapy, and Gymnastics Strength Training.

Ben has over 10 years experience in the industry, working with professional athletes, and creating working relationships with a wide variety of therapists and sportspeople in the UK.

Ben has always found time to visit new places, and goes out of his way to learn different philosophies and perspectives on Movement.  Most recently he has become qualified in Thai massage after a short spell in Northern Thailand.

After a sporty and active childhood including competitive rugby and representing Leicestershire as a junior golfer, Ben has seen and experienced a huge variety of different approaches to health and fitness and loves sharing all the best bits with his clients, on regular appearances on the radio and through teaching workshops throughout the United Kingdom.

Movement Approach and Philosophy

Recognising our original and Human capabilities, and rejuvenating them through movement

Boosting strength and perfomance through intelligent distribution of motion throughout the body

Ability to organise and protect the structures of the body in controlled AND unpredictable environments

Ben in 3 words :
Open minded, easy going, curious

Celebrity Fact:
People sometimes say I look like Daniel Craig – by far the least attractive James Bond…. but a Bond none-the-less!





  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • imove certified Run Coach
  • FASTER diploma in Functional Performance
  • FASTER diploma In Functional Therapy
  • British Weight Lifting Level 1
  • Certificate of Applied Functional Scince, Gray Institute
  • Level 2 Thai Massage, ITM massage school, Chiang Mai


Ben is also a regular on our very own Joint Dynamics YouTube channel!