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Fitness is essential to a healthy lifestyle. The key is to find a sport you love so you enjoy what you do.

Cross Fit and the Pelvic Floor

Women’s Health Physiotherapists Jenny Fielding and Suzie Williams talk all things Pelvic floor, Sexual Health and getting the best out of your body in Cross Fit!


“Separation Anxiety”- Diastasis

If your are pregnant with your first or fourth, or perhaps just thinking about a new member of your family you’ll want to make sure you are well informed about “Separation Anxiety”… and we are not talking about the child between the ages of 1 and 3! Ready more about Diastasis here, how it comes to be and what you can do to prevent and (if it’s to late for that) to go back.


Spine Strategies

imageOver the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking about some of the benefits of moving your spine… But what if you have pain, or difficulty in doing this?

Part 3 of our Intelligent Movement Series touches on some of the ways we can approach this tricky area


Core Training and The Spine

imageCore training is an often misunderstood area in health and fitness. Most people know a bit about the anatomy in this area and maybe a few exercises, but not so many are aware that learning to move your spine well can be a more valuable addition to your training than any ‘ab’ or ‘core’ exercise.


Reasons to Move your Spine

imageAs health and fitness professionals, the spine is a great area to work with, because the structure itself and its associated soft tissues have such great potential to increase performance, and dissipate forces travelling through the whole body as we move.

The old proverb goes- “You are as old as your Spine”, and it’s certainly an area that can change and lose function dramatically if we don’t move it.


Movement Flow

imageSince we see flow so frequently in nature, sport and everyday life, it seems more than worthwhile to look at movement through this lens, and use it alongside other training methods we know to be beneficial.

But what is movement flow, and how can we tap into it to enhance our performance and day to day life?



What does it Mean to Improve our Movement?

imageImproving our movement really comes down to two key areas.  This post covers these themes and explains how they are relevant to sports performance, injury prevention and everyday life.


Getting Up for Training and General Health

imageGetting up from the floor is a skill we earn as babies, but one that can deteriorate too soon if we overlook it as we progress through life. Today’s post highlights some of the reasons we consider it a key area in our clients’ assessment, training and everyday life.



Reasons to do Movement Training

imageAdding varied movements to your day to day life can give great benefits, from improved CV fitness to joint and tissue health.  Today’s post gives five of our top reasons to add more movement patterns to your training and daily routine, and gives you a good place to start.


Nervous System Training 101

Inside of each of us lies an untapped giant, capable of superhuman strength and performance. Consider the following: pound for pound apes have double the strength of a human being.


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