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Joint Dynamics provides the best massage therapy services in Hong Kong. Our massage therapy centre is staffed with experts with many years of experience in all areas of massage, including sports massage services. The original manual therapy is proven to speed recovery, promote relaxation, improve deeper sleep and helps you cope with stress. If you participate in high intensity sport, sit at a desk a lot or in a plane, massage counters the negative effects of these all-consuming activities.

Head Fascia Treatment

The fascia covers the whole body including organs. It easily gets forgotten about and in most cases clients haven’t even heard of it and believe only muscles make up the soft tissue parts of our bodies along with our bones as a frame. However, without fascia tissue the body would simply collapse!


Trigger Point Therapy

Tobias is JD’s manager of Bodywork. He has been in HK for 9 years treating sport injuries using trigger point therapy as an important tool to accomplish his result.



Massage has a profound effect on the nervous system, with studies showing that it helps to promote deep sleep, lessen cortisol (a major stress hormone) levels and alleviate stress. Taken regularly relaxation massage will help you feel balanced, calm …  Read More >>

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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