The Body

The body, the most amazing and complex system we will ever come across. It mixes with emotions and is very resilient but can be fragile at times so treat it with care.

The Science Behind Falling Out of Shape

Or why you should never, ever stop training


You can’t change what you can’t measure

Staying on track…sticking to your guns…where to start and how to keep going…  Clinical Director, Mr. Colin Symmonds, talks about what we need to know in order to be able to plan and achieve our health and fitness goals.



5 Dyamic stretches for your pre-race ritual…

We all have our rituals heading to race day, don’t we? We prepare our favorite meals, meditate, listen to your favorite playlists, or even whip out your lucky charms. Most of you will agree that the day before the race will be one of the longest days ever. Getting your body loose and mobile should be part of every runner’s pre-race ritual…


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