Primal Movement

Primal movement classes take us back to the fundamental movements of animal survival. It engages the whole body and mind and moves you forward in your athleticism, fitness and vitality. New sessions will be coming up soon. We are happy to hold…  Read More >>

MSS Movement

“Mostability” is a phrase coined by The Gray Institute, it means bodies with optimal range of motion and stability which are efficient and athletic. Training this way creates lean, lengthened and adaptable muscles resilient to injury, allowing…  Read More >>

Outdoor Movement

Our successful outdoor series of movement in the park is continuing in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, focusing on primal movement patterns combined with hand balancing, functional locomotion and other techniques. Different sessions will be run by …  Read More >>


All the health benefits of yoga with a focus on stretching and releasing tension that tends to develop in the hamstrings and hips, particularly for runners. With elements of yin yoga integrated in each session you are on your way to a slower, deep…  Read More >>

Power Lifting

Power lifting is based on the simple act of lifting as much weight as you can in three basic movements: squat, dead lift and bench press. It might sound simple however with high intensity lifting optimal technique is crucial. Power lifting is as m…  Read More >>

Group Class

Everybody exercises for their own reasons, many love the social aspect of a group exercise class as by investing their time and energy in a regular group class it is an insurance policy to overcome low energy and motiva…  Read More >>

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