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Conveniently located in Central, Joint Dynamics is one of the most well-regarded physiotherapy treatment providers in Hong Kong. At Joint Dynamics we take a team approach to physiotherapy, working as a group to solve the issues that are causing you pain and dysfunction. Our expert team can help you with your recovery needs from prevention screening to using a wide variety of assessment and treatment methods.

Daily Life / Daily Niggles

As we age, live, work, exercise and play we develop aches and pains. Many are as a result of our activity and pass with time, such as muscle soreness after a weights session. Other symptoms become a backdrop to our daily activity. A “dodgy knee” that bothers you only when going down stairs, hip pain from carrying the baby, wrist pain when you’ve been typing or back discomfort when you’ve been sitting in a car; pain and issues that we’ve learned to live with. Physiotherapy can offer relief and often freedom from these shackles. Working with your body to pinpoint and correct movement patterns can remove these issues providing a level of comfort you have forgotten was normal.


The way we walk, sit, run, throw, jump, hit or strike can have a profound impact on the body. Often the warning signs of injury are there long before the 20km mark or the 14th hole on the green.

Assessing sport specific movement patterns, gait, movement control and strength in key muscle groups are just a few methods that physiotherapists use to pick up warning signs of potential injuries. Identifying these problems ensures that interventions can be bespoke to the client’s needs, so they can do what they love for longer, without injury.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is an integral part of recovering from orthopaedic operations (knee replacement, shoulder surgery, etc). Surgeons themselves admit that the quality of the post-operative physiotherapy directly correlates to positive outcomes. This is where our highly specialized physiotherapists can maximize your outcome.

Physiotherapy is also an integral part of the rehabilitation process after many other types of surgery? Consider cardiothoracic or abdominal surgery for example, physiotherapy can assess respiratory function and provide techniques to assist with breathing, range of movement, muscle weakness and fatigue.

Sports Injuries

Playing rugby, football or hockey? Do you train or compete in crossfit, olympic lifting or marathon/trail running? The sports and activities you love can often have a hand in causing the tightness, strain or injury that is limiting your ability to perform at your best.Physiotherapy is known to many as a profession that provides treatment for injuries to the muscle and joint systems of the body, however it is much more than that.

We are experts in movement analysis and functional rehabilitation, with the ability to identify and treat the cause of the dysfunction rather than just manage the symptoms you experience because of it. Treatment by our physiotherapists is unique as it is primarily movement-based, integrating the latest research with our “intelligent movement” ethos to not enable you to simultaneously keep training while minimising further delays to your rehabilitation timeline.

Posture Correction

The human body was not designed to sit for long periods of time, and as a result of our learned ‘computer posture’ many people experience headaches, neck pain, shoulder stiffness and back discomfort. The human body was not designed to sit for a long stretch of time. Improving your posture can benefit all those ailments but can also assist in better breathing & digestion, hormone production and even strengthening of the immune system. All of these health benefits go together with a more flattering fit of that suit jacket and loosening that middle-aged stoop. Physiotherapy techniques can assist in improving both your seated and standing posture with many physiological and aesthetic benefits.

Pre-Natal Physiotherapy

For expecting parents, having children is a unique time of joy and anticipation. However, pregnancy may leave the body significantly changed, and physical discomfort is unfortunately to be expected. However, not everything that happens has to be soldiered through alone. Pre-natal physiotherapy can offer relief for back and neck pain, leg cramps and other discomforts. Safe exercising and maintaining good physical conditioning is also part of our role. Good physiotherapy care throughout your pregnancy can ensure your body is taken care of whilst you take care of your baby growing inside you.

Post-Natal Physiotherapy

With the arrival of a baby, you may find aspects of your physical condition not the way they were. Physiotherapy can assist with some of those repetitive strain injuries such as wrist and neck pain from incorrect feeding positions etc. Allow yourself to focus on what is important by allowing a physiotherapist to assist you with this this new phase of your body’s recovery.

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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