Run Dynamics

Have the Intelligent Movement Advantage. Getting off the couch for your first 5K challenge or trying to squeeze minutes off your marathon time? We support everyone from the beginner to the elite with cutting edge technology and techniques designed to keep you running stronger for longer.

Starting – Define your goals and achieve!

Come in for an obligation-free chat on how to get started or get better. Vitally important to training is injury prevention. Injury and unnecessary soreness are the key limiting factors and main reasons why runners stop. 3DMAPS functional movement screening and Optogait running analysis give biomechanical feedback that is very important in keeping you strong. The natural asymmetries the body develops can be addressed with specific exercises.

Improving – Plan the road to success…

Managing training load requires knowledge and discipline. Let us guide you on how to avoid the common mistakes and fears when pushing your boundaries. Gray Institute trained biomechanics experts can help with technique tweaks and advise on ‘listening to your body’.

Achieving – Test, train, retest, train…

Whether it’s power to weight ratios, cardiovascular capacity or recurring injuries holding you back, we can help. Our experience in performance testing is backed up with exercise physiologists and senior physiotherapy analysis. We test body composition (BodPod) and Vo2 max thresholds as well as perform a gait analysis and a functional movement assessment (3DMAPS). With our experience and extensive subject database we are equipped to help everyone from the novice to the elite.


We have a variety of programmes specifically to your needs:

– Individual coaching
– Class pass
– Bio-package

Feel free to drop us a line at or contact us on 2762 0528 for more details on how to take the first step to great running results.

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