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Functional Movement and Personal Training Classes in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for personal training exercises and courses in Hong Kong, look no further than Joint Dynamics. We are the experts in providing personal training for movement. We recognize that your goals are unique and we tailor our approaches accordingly. We are comprised of a team of experienced personal trainers who take your goals seriously, offering a fantastic mix of functional fitness, strength training, performance development and lifestyle enhancement.

Body Composition Training

A magical training programme that can get you the perfect beach body (or for brides, the perfect wedding day figure) is surely too good to be true, right? Actually, it does exist, and it is called German Body Composition (GBC).Read More

Body composition training

What is the magical training programme that will get everyone the perfect beach body or for the brides … that amazing wedding day figure? Is there such a programme? Yes, there is and it is called German Body Composition (GBC). There are many types of body composition programmes but the GBC programme from world famous strength coach Charles Poliquin has grown in popularity and we understand why.

The main objective of the German Body Comp (GBC) program is to produce as much lactic acid as possible in the body. The more lactic acid produced, the more growth hormone you produce, and with that increase comes greater fat loss. The quickest way to achieve this is to use multi-joint exercises with short rest intervals. If done properly, your heart rate will climb, your muscles will burn, and you will sweat buckets. Even seasoned athletes will find a GBC programme challenging.

So what does a GBC programme look like?
A1. 8-10 chin ups
rest 15 seconds
A2. 12-15 back squats
rest 15 seconds
A3. shoulder press 8-10
rest 90 seconds


B1.10-12 bench press
rest 15 seconds
B2. 10-12 dead lifts
rest 15 seconds
B3. 12-15 cable rows
rest 90 seconds


tempo 4010 for all
repeat each set 3 times
Try to ensure the loading to be roughly 60% of your 1rep max


We try to superset different body parts in a session, switching from upper to lower body. This will guarantee to get you breathless and generate a sweat. The fast pace of the programme with the short rest intervals, will make you feel like working in an anaerobic endurance capacity…heart and lungs will also have had a great workout.


Providing you are eating sensibly with the right supplementation and sleep, training 3-5 times a week will get you on the road to leanness in no time.

Strength and Conditioning

Feeling strong for some people is not about the weight they are able to move, but is about being able to feel fit for life, play with their kids, enjoy the outdoors and better manage life’s demands. Joint Dynamics assists your body develop the strength to produce force or lift substantial weight relative to your bodyweight, physical alignment and current health. Feeling strong for some individuals has nothing to do with the weight they are able to move but the ability to feel fit for life, playing with their kids, being able to enjoy the outdoors or just managing life’s demands with ease and grace.Read More

Strength and conditioning


At Joint Dynamics our definition of strength is the body’s ability to produce force or lift substantial weight relative to that individual’s bodyweight, physical alignment and current health. Feeling strong for some individuals has nothing to do with the weight they are able to move but the ability to feel fit for life, playing with their kids, being able to enjoy the outdoors or just managing life’s demands with ease and grace.


Conditioning usually refers to the workload an athlete (we are all athletes) does in order to improve on his or her fitness needs. For a weight loss client, optimal conditioning could be metabolic conditioning, e.g. hill sprints after an initial foundation training phase. For a bodybuilder, it might be posing preparation. For a client who is rehabilitating after an injury, conditioning could be the exercise selection to aid in correcting the injury and restoring balance and health in the body.


Whatever the need and whoever the client, our experienced team can incrementally coach strength and conditioning, teaching and ensuring optimal technique for immediate, mid- and long-term gains.


Movement is a craft just as learning a musical instrument is. The way a sculptor or painter hones their craft, at Joint Dynamics we build movement artists capable of meeting scripted and unscripted life demands with strength, power, flexibility and endurance conducive to long-term health or as a requirement for athletic performance.

Together with our clients and clinicians we form a team that builds injury resilience whilst becoming high performance movement maestros.

Embedded within this philosopy we work on authentic confidence that feeds excitement to face challenges not with fear, apprehension and hesitation but with a trained response that says “I can do this”.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting teaches you to use your muscle fibres more efficiently and rapidly, resulting in your body positively responding to your workout long after the sweat has dried. Read More

Olympic Lifting


Olympic lifting is an ancient technique for modern day problems, teaching you to use your muscle fibres more efficiently and rapidly, resulting in your body positively responding to your workout long after the sweat has dried.

Olympic weightlifting is one of the truest examples of ballistic (explosive) strength, when performed correctly they are the perfect example of dynamic and explosive strength while showing great ranges of flexibility and mobility.

Modern Olympic lifts consist of the ‘Clean and Jerk’ and the ‘Snatch’ but early Olympic games included the ‘Clean and Press’ and even one arm lifting events. Variations of these movements such as the ‘Hang’ and ‘Power’ ‘Clean’ or ‘Snatch’ are widely used in many sports training programmes and are gaining popularity in many gym environments. Great tools for preparing athletes, especially those that need explosive movements in their games or experienced lifters looking for the technical and explosive strength that these lifts require.

Ask one of the team if you’re interested in including Olympic Lifting techniques in your work out.

Weight loss

Our philosophy at Joint Dynamics is that weight loss/gain is a balance between ‘energy in’ verses ‘energy out’.

‘Energy in’ refers to the amount of calories consumed in one’s diet, while ‘energy out’ is defined by the amount of calories burned during the day daily through habitual behaviours, exercise and also one’s resting metabolic rate, which is a function of body composition.

Regardless of your condition, we are able to support and progressively develop all clients in a systematic way with exponential increasing returns on your training investment, all while coaching effective and athletic movement patterns that reduce the likelihood of injury and greatly increase your day to day performance. We achieve this with the integration of our clinicians, sport and exercise scientist, personal trainers, movement coaches, personal trainers and massage therapists.


Having mobility is essential for completing everyday activities with relative ease. However, controlled full joint movement deteriorates with age, especially for those with a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to joint mobility issues, mainly at the hips and shoulders.

We can help you improve joint mobility issues, even endemic ones, with a series of exercises and movement patterns, which will improve your wellbeing and also boost your sports performance.

PT For Real Life

Personal training is important for maintaining the wellbeing of your body, through regular exercise with joint mobility drills, complemented with nutrition advise and stretching therapy, massage and physiotherapy. It will provide you with better movement, and help you feel more confident, have more energy, sleep better and release stress. You no longer need to worry about pulling a muscle while playing with your kids or worry about your knee problem when going hiking with friends. Personal training truly helps you improve your quality of life.


Whether you prefer having a massage before or after working out, both methods can be beneficial. Pre-race massages help to stimulate muscles, whereas post-race massages are more of a cool-down/recovery massage.


We believe that swimming is a multi-disciplinary approach. For kids we first try to create an encouraging fun atmosphere that will allow for the teaching water awareness and safety, before moving on to competitive strokes. Through games, skill drills and hands on in the water coaching, body position, alignment and techniques are constantly reinforced. For older kids and adults our experienced team can tailor competitive stroke development and swim conditioning sessions regardless of the what level the participant or athlete is at. We also teach adults how to swim.

Our well-trained instructors are up to date with current swim approaches and can handle individuals or groups.

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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