The Team

The Joint Dynamics Team has been hand picked because of the specialisation in their chosen discipline. We comprise of physiotherapists, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, sports scientists and bodyworkers. All of the staff have multiple years of experience working with clients and patients to restore, promote and optimise human function.

Ryan Campbell

Ryan has over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer. He uses it to extract the most out of every session to ensure you are achieving results, staying motivated and kept accountable with food and lifestyle choices.

Emma Warner

Emma, as a qualified and experienced doctor in the UK, brings yet another dimensions to personal training at Joint Dynamics.  Her exceptional care, medical training and attention to detail will ensure that your training program is safe, focused and efficient.  If you have been looking for a trainer who understands your specialist circumstances (whatever they are) then look no further than Emma.

Ben Lincoln

The newest addition to the Joint Dynamics training team, Ben has a vast array of experience and qualifications that will help you meet your goals. Ben can teach you how to stand on your hands, train you to a better golfing handicap or just help you with better movement so that you can feel like you’re 20 again!

Edward Robinson

Eddie has recently moved from London to joint the Joint Dynamics team.  Graduating from one of the UK’s leading Physiotherapy university programmes he has followed up gaining considerable experience in both routine and complex orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and rheumatologist conditions in London’s prestigious teaching and research hospitals (Imperial College and Chelsea & Westminster).  Alongside his hospital experience he has worked in private practice and with high level rugby clubs in and around London.

Eddie loves sports rehabilitation including ACL, foot and ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and long-term pain conditions such as low back pain and postural neck pain….

Meet Edward

Ryan Tan

Ryan joins the JD team from Perth Australia by way of London! A passionate sports physiotherapist he loves treating necks, spines and all injuries incurred while performing the activities you love to do. Speaking English and Mandarin, Ryan partners with his clients to ensure the best outcomes possible. Click here to see more about Ryan!

Simon Robinson

Simon joins the JD team from London having worked extensively as a physiotherapist with well known names such as Harrods, The Financial Times and The London Fire Brigade, as well as a stint with Crystal Palace Football Club.  He has a special interest in shoulders and knee rehabilitation and is on the lookout for the best pint of Guinness in Hong Kong!

Suzie Williams

Suzie joins the JD team from running her own clinic in Sydney, Australia.  Our very own women’s health specialist Suzie has the experience, professionalism and empathy to ensure that clients will feel at ease in her care.  Straight forward talking will leave you wondering why you didn’t get things seen to earlier.

Jenny Fielding

Jenny is a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.  Her expertise is in both Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health specific issues make her an excellent fit to help you through all your pre and post natal needs, and to ensure you remain active throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  She has extensive experience in sports physiotherapy having toured with Mathew Bournes Swanlake Ballet Company and having worked with elite runners, athletes and dancers.

Colin Symmonds

Colin is the driving force behind Joint Dynamics, and has over 20 years of therapy experience and an unparalleled understanding of how physiotherapy can rehabilitate, pre-habilitate and assist with improving your wellbeing.

Callum Chia

A true Hong Kong son Callum has taken his Hong Kong Physiotherapy training to the ultimate level of USA professional basketball.  His experience is as wide as it is deep, the New York Knicks have benefited from his skills as have numerous patients being rehabilitated from severe and potentially limiting surgery and injury.  His passion for his craft is evident in his commitment to each and every client, Joint Dynamics are incredibly happy to have him as part of the team.

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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