The Team

The Joint Dynamics Team has been hand picked because of the specialisation in their chosen discipline. We comprise of physiotherapists, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, sports scientists and bodyworkers. All of the staff have multiple years of experience working with clients and patients to restore, promote and optimise human function.

Mitch Tamiau

If you see Mitch and wonder if he played rugby, you are right. To name just a few, Mitch has played with the U20’s England, WASPS and London Scottish. These days he is still on the field but also delivers elite training programmes and shares his athletic expertise with clients. Mitch shows how the professionals get it done through focusing on agility, strength and conditioning.

George Chan

George Chan is an inspiring personal trainer who is a student and teacher of movement, martial arts, boxing and strength & conditioning. He is the living embodiment of “do as you say”. A trainer who ensures your experience is always varied and targeted to what you want to achieve, workouts with him are never boring.

David Jacquier

Set your goals and work with a Gray Institute Fellow of Applied Functional Science to make them come to life. Nothing hinders training faster than getting it wrong because of lack of planning. Whether it’s improving your functional movement or increasing training loads, David turns goals into results.

Graham Mountford

Graham motivates and educates his clients through his drive to deliver top end performance. He has delivered endless positive outcomes for a multitude of satisfied clients, a testament to his approach to helping clients become stronger, faster, fitter, leaner. Graham’s structured progression allows for consistent improvement to remain motivated, incorporating a mix of mobility and stability in his movement training.

Benjamin Bluestein

Dr. Benjamin Bluestein is unique in that he utilizes a diversified approach to treating both Athletes and Non-Athletes. Dr. Bluestein is known for experience in treating and optimizing body function. He has special interest in mobility, long term joint health and office ergonomics

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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