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The Most Experienced Physiotherapists in Hong Kong

Joint Dynamics is comprised of a team of experienced physiotherapists. Located in Central, we are in a prime position to offer our services to clients all across Hong Kong. With over 120 years of cumulative experience and a special focus on continued education, we are well-equipped to handle any request. We have experience supporting national teams, olympic and professional athletes, elite amateurs, children and chronic care patients.

Colin Symmonds

Colin is the driving force behind Joint Dynamics, and has over 20 years of therapy experience and an unparalleled understanding of how physiotherapy can rehabilitate, pre-habilitate and assist with improving your wellbeing.

Jenny Day

From the strongest and toughest of rugby devotees to the most elegant and athletic ballet dancers, Jenny Day has certainly had experience with a wide range of clientele.  This British trained Physiotherapist has had experience in the NHS, worked with Rugby teams, toured with a Ballet Company, worked with skiers, snowboarders & professional windsurfers….and now we’re happy to welcome her to Joint Dynamics.

Adam Reeson

Adam has an impressive career in physiotherapy spanning both the private and public sectors. From the UK, his area of expertise are legs & shoulder rehabilitation, working with the Fulham Football Club in London. A true partner to his clients on their journey from pain & dysfunction to a lifestyle of well-being and activity.

Callum Chia

A true Hong Kong son Callum has taken his Hong Kong Physiotherapy training to the ultimate level of USA professional basketball.  His experience is as wide as it is deep, the New York Nicks have benefited from his skills as have numerous patients being rehabilitated from severe and potentially limiting surgery and injury.  His passion for his craft is evident in his commitment to each and every client, Joint Dynamics are incredibly happy to have him as part of the team.

Georgie Stanley

Covering both the sporting and musculoskeletal injury spectrums, Georgie’s career in physiotherapy has taken her all around the world. She is the expert in optimising health, mobility and function, and her work has seen her work with professional golf, cricket and tennis players in Asia, as well as The House of Dancing Water. She is passionate about helping people reach their peak performance and is skilled in finding the right blend of manual therapy, effective exercise prescription and patient empowerment through education.

Hamish Dickie

Hamish’s physiotherapy career with national sports teams has taken him to all corners of the globe.

Hailing from New Zealand, Hamish’s career in physiotherapy has included him working with a number of international athletes and teams — snow sport athletes specifically — and he was the head of medical services for New Zealand Baseball. With a passion for Crossfit and helping to keep athletes at peak performance, Hamish is a certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer. Hamish uses principles of strength and conditioning as well as physical therapy which, combined with a degree in Physical Education and Physiotherapy, will not only get you back doing to what you love, but doing it better as well.

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy treatment in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Joint Dynamics today.

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