Colin Symmonds


Backs, necks and neuromuscular re-education

Clients / Loved By / Visit It:

Professionals young and old, sports people, anyone looking for a laugh along with their therapy!


Every body is unique therefore every physio treatment plan should be unique. The nervous system plays a key role in how we experience pain and function as a cohesive unit. In the same way pre-habilitation and rehabilitation intervention must integrate this vital system through all aspects of treatment. The plan should be flexible and reactive; it should change whenever a client does.

Training and Background:

27 years of clinical experience.
Diploma in Sports Therapy
Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) from the City University of New York.
Masters Degree in Orthopedics from the University of Indianapolis

Colin has spent longer in continuing education than he did in university obtaining two degrees!

Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, from the Gray Institute, USA
Certificate in 3D MAPS assessment

Often heard to be saying:

It’s more important what you do outside of the clinic than what you do with me.

Colin’s Physio belief:

Manual therapy has the potential to profoundly enhance the body’s ability to bounce back from injury and dysfunction. However without personalised exercise strategies results will be incomplete.

Colin’s Guilty Secret:

Computer Games…

Lesser know fact:

Colin saved a man’s life….

Celebrity Secret:

Colin sat next to Paris Hilton at a dinner party and didn’t know who she was!

Favourite Pastime:

Making soap

Human Fact:

Three Dogs, 1 Cat – Cat is in charge