Daniel Tsang

Daniel studied Kinesiology in Canada focusing on biomechanics and movement principals of people suffering pain. He then went on to complete his Physiotherapy degree at Hong Kong Polytechnic University building on this knowledge so as to offer clients a tailored solutions to their specific issues.

Working in hospitals here in Hong Kong and then in private practice have provided a broad experience range for Daniel as a therapist.  Working on a full range of musculoskeletal conditions from post operative rehabilitation to more sports-specific conditions.

Special Interest:

Sports/athletic injuries and dysfunction, neck and shoulder issues

Physio Philosophy:

Our bodies are structured in a very particular way for a good reason!  To move optimally and pain free we all should have a better understanding of how our bodies function as a whole.  Through this, any dysfunction or pain can be solved!  Daniel’s focus and expertise comes from a background of advanced biomechanics in athletic injuries.  He has experience working with athletes at the national level which includes work on rehabilitation programs and also individual performance enhancing programs.  He also thrives on digging deep into investigate the source of your musculoskeletal issues.

Training and Background:

BSc Physiotherapy – Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BA Kinesiology – University of Western Ontario
U.S.R.C. Tigers Hong Kong Premiership Physiotherapist
Hong Kong National Men’ Field Hockey Physiotherapist
Hong Kong Rugby Union National Development teams Physiotherapist
Hong Kong National Youth Netball Team Physiotherapist

Physio Belief:

The human body functions as a whole unit. Every muscle, tendon, joint serves a purpose and everything helps each other.  Physiotherapy treatment is only a fraction of your path to full recovery so your therapeutic exercises we prescribe and how you manage them in your own time is key!

Odd Fact:

Daniel can remember over 100 decimal number of π..Test me!

Last App Downloaded:

Grab – A must if exploring anywhere in South East Asia!

30 mins best spent:

Walking/exercising barefoot on any tolerable surface.  Moving will only be good quality if there’s a solid foundation from contact on the ground!