David Jacquier

Special Interest:

Lifestyle fitness, being able to do what you love to do

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Target driven clients: coach your first 5km, or those looking to achieve their first trail run or half marathon.  People who want to do better at what they do for longer… golfers, runners, parents playing with their kids..

Training Philosophy:

David’s aim is helping people back into exercise and understanding and enhancing people’s “later years” in life. Time with grandchildren is precious and people should be in shape to enjoy that time.  The self-proclaimed average Joe’s training man, David considers himself the opposite of an elite athlete trainer, setting goals and working towards them – whatever they are – is what is important.  
Goals are fundamental and they aren’t always numeric, some are given and some are self-imposed…”I don’t want to be tired all the time”….”I want to be able to kick a ball with my son for more than 5 minutes”…..”I want to live till I’m one hundred”…. Everyone should have a goal and should be able to achieve it in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore.

Training and Background

Junior Australian Rules Football Coach
Junior Cricket Coach
Accredited Athletic Coach (Victorian Institute of Sport)
ASCTA Bronze Level Swim Coach
Fellow of the Gray Institute GIFT fellow
NASM qualified personal trainer.

David’s Specialities:

Swimming lessons: take the fear out of learning a life essential. Lessons from 6 months – 55 years old. From simply making you comfortable in the water, to teaching a baby to float, to OAP rehab or an intense elite standard cardio workout. Currently Joint Dynamics offer 30 swimming lessons a week!

Running Coaching: From dead set shufflers that want to avoid injury to elite athletes looking to shave minutes off a personal best; coaching running is about driving distances, times and kicking goals by understanding and working with your body, run style and limitations. Understanding how to remain injury free and enjoying both one-on-one coaching time and group sessions. Running can be learnt and loved and should be learnt and loved.

Personal Training: executive demands, family demands and business demands all can take their toll. David works with you to develop the right schedule for you to increase energy, decrease tiredness and get the best out of your body without killing yourself.

David’s Belief:

Anyone can achieve anything. There are no ‘naturals’ but with time, effort and persistence everyone can become great. By understanding what to work on and what is needed, combined with an emphasis on staying injury free you can get the best out of your body (and when you really put the effort in – your best can be truly (and surprisingly!) awesome.)

David in 3 words :

Boyishly, handsome, cricketer (description provided by his wife)

Guilty secret:

David is a secret online cricket gear shopper and currently owns 4 cricket bats and 6 pads.

Biggest achievement:

75 at Lordes in summer 2014!

Family fact:

David has 3 children – of which 2 are already budding little cricket players!