Edward Robinson

Eddie has recently moved from London to join the Joint Dynamics team. Eddie graduated from one of the UK’s leading Physiotherapy university programmes and has continued to push himself professionally. After six years working in London’s prestigious teaching and research hospitals, such as Imperial College and Chelsea & Westminster, he has gained an extensive amount of experience in dealing with both routine and complex orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and rheumatologist conditions.

Alongside his work in the hospitals, Eddie has worked in private practice within central London and has worked for various high level rugby clubs in and around London.

His passions lie within high level sporting rehabilitation including ACL and foot and ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and long-term pain conditions such as low back pain and postural neck pain.

Eddie’s other passion lies with human movement, he thoroughly enjoys examining patient’s movement patterns and problem solving ways to allow someone to move more efficiently – in order to prevent injury or to improve performance.

His interests in psychology and philosophy directed Eddie to explore various behavioural and social theories. As a result, Eddie tailors his physiotherapy to a holistic approach ensuring wider issues are understood to ensure treatment plans are realistic.

He enjoys building a rapport with patients, treating people as individuals and creating a positive and creative environment for them to achieve their goals.

When Eddie is not working or eating, he is likely to be cycling across countries or running/climbing up mountains.


Special Interest:

Sport-specific rehabilitation, movement analysis, holistic approach. ACLs, foot & ankle, shoulder instability and rotator cuff injuries, long-standing pain and rheumatological conditions.

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Eddie’s caring nature attract clients who require a good old chat and support. However, Eddie’s driven and determined side gets the best out of people that are willing to work hard!

Physio Philosophy:

N=1. Everyone should be treated individually and in context with their experiences of life and the environment around them. I am passionate about taking someone’s general health whether being physical, mental or social into consideration. As a result adaptability is essential!

The physio – patient relationship is a mutual partnership to achieve a patient’s goals and aspirations. A physio should be passionate, caring, honest and invested towards the patient – the patient should be ready, consciously listening and implementing. However society, previous experiences or current stresses can create barriers to this. As a result; patience, hope, trust, focus, diligence, resilience and a positive outlook I feel are important.

Movement is key! We all brush our teeth twice a day to prevent issues so let’s start doing moving regularly for our bodies. Whether this be injury prevention, rehabilitation or performance enhancement. I aim to educate patients about their condition and their bodies – with that, they can take control – moving more confidently, comfortably and efficiently. This may to be help an elderly person stand up from a chair so they can say hello to their grandson or help an elite performer reach a personal best.

Most importantly physio should be fun!

Training and Background:

BSc Physiotherapy – University of Southampton

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust , London, UK

Sprint Physiotherapy Ltd, London, UK

Barnes Rugby Football Club, London, UK

Completed further training in cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and communicational strategies for long-term pain conditions (Mike Stewart’s Know Pain).

Other courses completed: Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems (JEMS movement), Combined Movement Therapy, Mulligan Concepts Level 1, Advanced ACL Rehabilitation, Noelene Davey’s Foot & Ankle Masterclass, NOI: Mobilisation of the Nervous System, Whiplash associated disorders.

I really enjoy:

Challenging myself. Recently cycled to Spain from London in 10 days alongside completing the GR20, Europe’s most difficult mountain trek in 13 days. Otherwise relaxing in nature with good music, food and company!

Next Challenges: Taking up trail running, being able to do a free standing hand stand, Great Wall of China half marathon, An Iron Man in 2019.

Eddie’s Guilty Pleasures:

Live jazz / funk / soul music with espresso martinis

Pastel de Natas

Last App downloaded:

MyObservatory – being new to Hong Kong – I am keen not to get caught in a T10 Typhoon!

Pet Peeve:

Client’s being told information that creates negatives beliefs about their body, health or condition