Emma Warner

Special Interest:

Pre and Post-natal Exercise.

Training for those with Special Medical conditions.

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Those with special considerations.

Specialising in training pre and post-natal women in tandem with our fantastic Womens Health Physiotherapist Suzie Williams.  Emma combines medical knowledge of all things mum and baby with bespoke exercise programming to help you achieve your goals safely, whether you are looking to maintain fitness in pregnancy or regain your fitness or rehabilitate after your little one has arrived.

As an aspiring Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician, Emma has the interests and the knowledge to provide training specific to those who have medical problems (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc) which need extra care when planning and executing and exercise regime.  Using an evidence based research guide to help guide her programs and working with your Doctor or Physiotherapist if necessary, Emma can work with you to help you achieve health safely and efficiently.

Life Philosophy:

I truly believe that exercise is the best medicine (with laughter a close second!)

What can training do for me?

What do you want it to do for you?  If you a pre or post-natal, or have special medical considerations that make you apprehensive or confused about exercise, Emma will guide you through the process (and if necessary collaborate with your doctor or Physiotherapist) to optimise your health wellbeing and fitness.

Training and Background:

UK trained junior Medical Doctor with experience in Family Medicine including Womens’ and Childrens’ health.  As yet due to registration delays she is unable to practice or diagnose as a doctor in Hong Kong.

Currently acquiring a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Certificate in Applied Functional Science – Gray Institute Michigan US.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

About Emma:

I am a keen netball player and runner and am loving making my way through the Hong Kong hikes – I love to be outdoors as much as possible. I made the move to Hong Kong with my partner last year and I am currently studying for a Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine… I am a bit of a self-professed nerd deep down!

Family Fact:

My incredible Nan still plays badminton at 82, a true testament to the benefits of staying active for life.

Secret addiction: