Fresh Start Package


First it was Xmas then CNY, Easter and the 7’s.. no more excuses for not feeling fit, getting trim and sustaining healthy living!

With summer just around the corner let Joint Dynamics launch your new body with our Fresh Start package!

1 X Functional movement – Let us pick up the biomechanics chains that might be the secret to your mobility. You don’t have to wonder why someone can touch their toes or twist in knots or just move pain free and you can’t. Let us look at your left/right asymmetries and help you move fluently with specialist ‘Gray Institute 3DMAPS’ movement assessment.

1 X Food Safe analysis (test for food inflammation) – Never been tested for food intolerance? Let us help unlock what might be the biggest hurdle to achieving true health with a comprehensive yet simple test. With 95 different food markers covered we feel confident in identifying potential inflammatory foods. Sometimes its the sleep solution, whilst other benefits can be more efficient nutrient absorption.

2 X BodPod Body composition measurements (start/finish) – You can’t improve what you don’t measure! With an emphasis around building fat free mass (muscle) rather than starving you for fat reduction our specialists in strength and conditioning will program you to achieve maximum results in the best possible way. With world class BodPod technology (used by Real Madrid/Dallas Cowboys) we ensure no X-rays or inaccurate electro impedance testing.

6 X Personal Training sessions – Asias best in intelligent movement! Strength and conditioning with mobility and stability… Choose from a panel of highly qualified and talented individuals to set you on your bespoke program ‘fresh start path’.

2 X massage session – Speed up recovery to let your muscles enjoy the ‘good stress’. Covering multiple different massage disciplines our experts in soft tissue treatment will work with our trainers to get the best out of your body.

Fresh Start for you, your partner or both for just HKD9,900 per person!