George Chan

Clients/ Loved By/ Visited By:

Anyone keen to start or continue an exercise routine.


It is my job to help you move and feel better, to enjoy life more.  Remember when you were climbing trees as a kid and did cartwheels?  When you jumped without hesitation…. it’s that freedom of movement that is our aim.

About You:

Needing inspiration or thinking that perhaps you’re past the point of being able to move well/ loose weight/ stay fit…. George Chan is the living embodiment of what regular training and practice can achieve.  We challenge anyone to guess his age and then challenge you to move the way this man can, no matter how old you are.  A trainer with variety, experience and motivation…

Training and Background:

NASM Personal Trainer
PTA Global Personal Trainer
Ido Portal Movement Camp 2012
SKMO Kickboxing Trainer
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor

Training Belief:

Movement is the key to a healthier life; joint mobility, handstands, olympic rings, low gate movement.  Truly try to stay young, by keeping or regaining the movement of our younger self.

Family Fact:

I have one son, who is literally a mini version of me!


I always wanted to be a rockstar, a severe lack of talent meant this probably is not going to happen for me…. but I’m still dreaming..