Head Fascia Treatment

A brief understanding

By Tobias Lee

Manager of bodyworks.
Diploma: Integrated Bodywork Therapies, Diploma: Remedial Massage, Diploma: Sports, Injury Therapies, Diploma: Aromatherapy, TCM Cert: Trigger Point Therapy

The fascia covers the whole body including organs. It easily gets forgotten about and in most cases clients haven’t even heard of it and believe only muscles make up the soft tissue parts of our bodies along with our bones as a frame. However, without fascia tissue the body would simply collapse!

Most headaches that I treat are superficial – meaning ‘close to the surface’ – and are usually caused by tension in the fascia. 
Fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels and nerves. It is very strong and works to hold the organs in place as well as acting as anchor points during and after movement. Fascia does not have a great deal of blood supplying it and therefore fascia manipulation is very different from a regular body massage.

Head fascia covers the skull and merges and entwines into the neck. When we accidentally pull our neck, most of the time the fascia has been ‘jerked’ out its original shape resulting in pain. Fascia in the head becomes very tight when we are fatigued, dehydrated or stressed, leading to headaches.