Jenny Fielding

Special Interest:

Establishing the primary cause of a problem, not just treating symptoms.  Particularly like treating Hips, Knees and Ankles.

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

I love treating a variety of clients.  Whatever the activity level, goal or dream.. variety is the spice of life.  From Ballet Dancers to Rugby Players, Adolescents to Mum’s and Acute Pain to Chronic I’ve been fortunate to work with this huge range of individuals.

Physio Philosophy:

Team work makes the dream work.  Educating patients to be an expert in their condition is the best treatment a Physiotherapist can give.  I love the challenge of finding a specific treatment technique or exercise which makes an immediate change to improve motivation and compliance.  Getting you to do the work and to WANT TO is my goal.

Training and Background:

BSc (Hons) 1st class degree Physiotherapy (St Georges Medical School, London)
APPI Pilates Level 1 and 2 Certified Pilates Instructor
Triage MSc Module – South Bank University

You in 3 Words:

Compassionate, Thorough, Reflective

I really enjoy:

Netball, Running, Hiking, Snowboarding and Windsurfing… I’m training hard to get into my wedding dress at the moment!!

Physio Belief:

People should be more active and less anxious regarding their pain. All conditions can be fixed or managed and avoiding activity, especially activities that you love, won’t help.  Understanding why you have the dysfunction you do and mastering the techniques to manage it will reduce anxiety and allow you to continue to lead the life you deserve.

Oh The Places You’ll Go:

I’ve travelled extensively with Matthew Bournes Swan Lake in the UK and Europe, lived in France treating Skiiers and Snowboarders, in Greece working with pro-windsurfers, the width and breadth of London working with Rugby Union clubs and now the travel hub of Hong Kong

Last App downloaded:

Garmin Connect – Got to keep track of those miles!!

Family Fact:

My dad is 6 foot 8 inches tall!

Favorite Move:

The Intouchables.  Inspiring and incredible