Jeremy Kim

Special Interest:

Basketball, Friends reruns, sneakers and music of all genres! (except classical)


“Don’t think, just feel” – Bruce Lee

Deceptively simple, yet I apply this philosophy to sports, weight training and meditation.

About You:

An easy-going person, love a good chat about anything sports related, especially basketball. Passionate about the sport and love to talk about NBA trivia! Fun fact – I’ve named one of my cats Kobe!

I also have an unhealthy interest in sneakers.


Try not to criticize other’s mistakes. Allowing one self to fail is truly the best way to progress.

Training and Background:

NASM certified

EXOS performance specialist

Travel Experience:

Not enough! Have been to few places with my family but have a strong desire explore more of this world before it is too late!

You in 3 words :

Dedicated, passionate, and curious

Something strange:

Will not throw away sneakers. No matter how old or dirty.

Career High:

Coached 2 young athletes and helped them achieve their goals of becoming the number one rank in their age brackets. The swimmer became ranked 1 in HK and placed 4th in China nationals. The golfer is now a scratch player and on his path to the pros!

Family fact:

Grandmother was an opera singer. Sadly, I did not inherit her talents, but I sing pretty well in the shower.

Favorite Movie:

Kung Pow!

Favorite Band:

Talking Heads

Latest App download:

Wim Hof Method

Pet Peev:

Kim Kardashian

Can Often be heard saying:

Aint no puppies around here!