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Female Functional Fitness

Develop, transform & protect your body in Asia’s premier functional fitness facility…

At Joint Dynamics “Intelligent Movement” is more than just a byline. It is a philosophy that directs our personal training staff to design, implement and motivate you in a program designed to make you fit and able to do the things you love…now and into the future.

No drill sergeants (unless that’s what you need), no sweaty locker rooms, no intimidation just a genuine interest and partnership between trainer and client.  Our aim is to have you doing the things that you love…

Your physique will become “long and strong”, you will excel at your chosen sport/s, playing with your children or grandchildren, and achieve many personal bests while making the most of your valuable personal time

Mention the JWA and receive a FREE trial lesson and 10% off personal training packages for first time visitors.

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