Real Life Change Program

10 x Personal Training Sessions
3 x 60 Minute Massages
2 x Bod Pod (Body Composition Testing)
1 x 3D Maps – Movement Assessment
Comprehensive lifestyle advice and follow up.

Total Value: $13600

PRICE: $10,200

25% Discount!

If your aim in 2016 is to create a perfect balance between stress reduction and improved body composition then this is package for you!

The Promotion includes a 3D maps Maps Movement assessment by one of our Fellow of Applied Functional Science graduates, applied functional scientists or physiotherapists to ensure your movement variability, posture and strength is optimum for your day to day life. The assessment will help us guide you to a pain free existence and improved athleticism.

At the start and end of your program you will be able to measure your body fat body using BODPOD technology which is one of the most scientifically accurate methods of determining ones true body fat percentage.

10 personal training session designed specifically to meet your individual needs whether that to increase energy so that you have better work output in the office and at home with your family, or to simply loose body fat and improve ones physique. All Programs focus on full body health, balancing strength and stability with mobility and flexibility.  Our team of career personal trainers also take the time to offer comprehensive lifestyle advice on how to hack sleep, hydration and the optimal foods to eat in order to maximise your energy.

Additionally, 3 one hour massage session booked at your convenience to finish your work week feeling relaxed and distressed.


Terms & Conditions
1. Joint Dynamics reserve the right to choose the therapist to conduct the service
2.Package is non-refundable and non-transferable for other services
3.Joint Dynamics reserves the right to ask for a medical certificate prior to treatment or training
4.Expiry of the package is July 2016
5.Service package is available to new Joint Dynamics clients