Relaxation & Restoration

5 x 60 Minute Massage Sessions
5 x 60 Minute Stretch Therapy/ART Sessions

Total Value: $11000

Price: $8250.00

25% Discount

Let our highly skilled and qualified massage therapist & stretch therapist take away your aches, pains, cares and concerns. Therapeutic, relaxing and restorative these sessions will have you back to your sport, back to your family and back to your life feeling like a new person.


Terms & Conditions
1. Joint Dynamics reserve the right to choose the therapist to conduct the service
2.Package is non-refundable and non-transferable for other services
3.Joint Dynamics reserves the right to ask for a medical certificate prior to treatment or training
4.Expiry of the package is July 2016
5.Service package is available to new Joint Dynamics clients