Kinetisense is 3D video technology that accurately captures and analyses motion. It provides real-time motion detectors to locate areas of the movement system that is not functioning optimally.

Most video capture motion system uses markers placed on the body to track movements of joints. Kinetisense is one of the first systems to provide 3D motion tracking information to a clinician that allows them to immediately see how well individual joints are functioning.

It can provide instant postural screening by comparing how joints are stacked on top of, or next to each other. Physios and exercise physiologists are interested in how much motion you have available at a joint: this helps us show changes, improvements and left/right comparisons. Kinetisense helps us put you through your paces by objectively measuring how much available range there is at each joint. The real beauty of the system, however, is that it allows us to record changes over time by comparing video capture of your movements, but also the actual angles of the joints at each point in time.

It sounds like it would take a long time to get this data doesn’t it? On the contrary, Kinetisense works with you in your normal clothes: you just have to step in front of it and it immediately starts to capture movement data.

But… don’t mistake simple for simplistic; the Kinetisense is a highly sophisticated piece of technology that has already been through a raft of studies to determine it’s validity, and it’s passed with flying colors.

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