MAP-ing the way to functional movement

Map your way to athletic success with an Athletic 1080 Movement Assessment Profile (MAPS). This is one of the most accurate ways of measuring movement patterns in standing positions to measure function.

By detailing mobility, stability and performance and create unique individual profiles that reflect physical performance; identify limitations and potential injury sites

The Athletic 1080 Movement System is a systematic combination and measurement of movement patterns in standing positions to quantify function. With this information we are able to measure mobility, stability and performance. Scores of different tests are combined and directly linked to each other to create unique individual profiles. All profiles reflect physical performance; identify limitations and potential injury sites.

With the results we produce the1080 MAP (Movement Assessment Profile), a highly specific pictorial representation of these scores that allows us to effectively assess left and right balance, spot potential injury risks and customize individualized treatment and training programs that will optimize function. The results calculated and stored on the Athletic 1080 server in Sweden. We can use the results to compare with equivalent athletes from around the world.

By looking at the MAP we can assess the areas that lack a beneficial amount of movement and when correlated give us a good idea which combination of joint motion is an issue. We will determine if it is a mobility issue (i.e. you do not have the range of motion in that area) or a stability issue (you lack the muscular coordination to hold you in place).

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