Move the Right Way

The body is made to move, and it moves in all 3 dimensions at once. Therefore your physio (or another practitioner who wants to help you with a restriction or pain) should be able to assess and treat you in a way that looks at the 3 dimensional movement of your body.

This means looking at the way your body moves, not just what happens to it when we wiggle around a limb with you lying down. We want to see how your body moves when you do, what you do… If you run we want to see you run, if you play golf we want to see your swing, if you play tennis we want to see you serve. Of course some of this will be mimicked but we can get you on the treadmill and we can look at what you do with your arms when you reach up to strike that tennis ball.

And more importantly our treatment should be close to what you’re wanting to do i.e. if it hurts to play tennis, we’ll rehab you in a way that looks similar to tennis!

If you’ve ever been told to keep your knee over your toe when you squat or to not let your knee move inwards or outwards when you lunge, you’ll be surprised to hear that the knee is supposed to have a slight sideways movement and a slight rotation when you do these motions, and if your knee can’t do this it will complain. If your knee has a restriction it is important to restore that range and if you can’t control the movement it is important to stabilise through the whole motion, not just in a fixed position.

But the way we do this might look a bit different to what you’d expect. We can use your body’s natural chain reaction to elicit what we want from a joint or muscle or whole limb.

A joint doesn’t move in isolation when you’re running, playing golf, playing tennis etc. It moves as part of the the chain. For example, every movement that your ankle makes has a knock on effect on your knee, hip, and higher up. In fact most knee problems come about because of an ankle or hip mobility or stability issue, so if we don’t look at the movement of the body as a whole we might misdiagnose a problem or not treat it effectively. Which is why at Joint Dynamics we look at the body in 3D.

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