Suzie Williams


Women’s Health physiotherapy. Having had three children of my own, with personal experience as tot he ups and downs of pregnancy and birth, I developed a special interest in pelvic issues – both pre and post natal.  Further specialised training and now 5 years of experience in the discipline has allowed me to work with many amazing and inspiring women.  It is very rewarding being able to help other women who are in pain or have problems following the birth of their child to regain their confidence, pain free, safe exercise routine and life in general.

Clients / Loved By / Visit It:

Loved for upfront conversation with no embarrassment, no topic too hard to discuss, in a secure and confidential environment, but with understanding and compassion (often followed by either tears or laughter as we discuss).


Treatment of pain and dysfunction requires attention to all contributing aspects, including emotional impact, relationship implications, fatigue and general wellbeing.

Training and Background:

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Charles Sturt University

Women’s Health Training Associates

Often heard to be saying:

Thank you Darling!

Physio belief:

All presenting problems should be treated with respect and determination, if one person is unable to solve or assist the problem, they should work with the client to find out who can and help them get on the right path.

3 Words to describe Suzie:

Fun, Caring, Personable

Favourite Singer/Band:


Biggest Sporting Achievement:

Representative netball in Australia… on a more personal level I’m working up to swimming over 1km (from my less than 50 metres starting distance)

Human Fact:

I had 3 children under 3 years old…. yes I am slightly CRAZY!