Kevin Choy

Special Interest:

Activated Isolated Stretching/ Active Release Technique/ Acupuncture

Loved by / Clients / Visited:

Frequent travellers, teens & high-schoolers, dedicated athletes and people with problematic posture.

Stretch Philosophy :

Everyone can benefit from stretch, from serious athletes working out 5 times a week to slaves in the office working 80 hours a week. Activated Isolated Stretching is about re-programming your brain and disrupting your pre-conceived notions about your flexibility to allow yourself to improve, increase or regain mobility and reach sporting targets or simply return the comfort to everyday actions. Once a person’s brain has been trained with strong dynamic repetitive stretching, the body very quickly learns how to behave with the subconscious immediately linking the nervous system to the muscular system.

Training and Background:

BSc Physiotherapy – (Philippines)

Active Isolated Stretching (Certificate).

Active Release Technique (Texas, US)

Diploma in clinical acupuncture. (HKU)

Stretch Belief :

With the right stretching discipline; tight muscles can return to their original length and relaxed status, movement in joints is increased, muscular coordination is enhanced, energy levels and blood circulation are increased (AIS in particular is active and repetitive and so helps to pump the blood). A body strong in functional everyday movement is one of the keys to longevity as is a body that can achieve everything its owner desires from the perfect running stride to great desk posture. We can train our body and mind to do these.

Dream Patient:

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant (Actually any of the NBA players)

Kevins Commitment :

Changes should happen in the first session, whether you are looking to release a frozen shoulder or to regain mobility from a stroke.

Kevins Secret:

Hair Pomade Connoisseur

Interesting Travel:

Physio/medic volunteer at an ultra marathon in Mongolia.  Rekindled his love for the outdoors and gained more appreciation for the beauty of the untouched land.  
Met and helped people from all walks of life.